måndag 18 juli 2011

is it a cloud i see?

finally a day with summer temperatures and no rain! and what was i doing all day?

yep. sewing. sewing. and some more therapeutic sewing.

and would you look at that! a cloud, ain't it?

the lovely Nadine is hosting this drawing challenge, check her blog for more clouds.


and a BIG and heartfelt thank you for your comments on my monster post. it meant a lot to me.

5 kommentarer:

renilde sa...

Yes! a cloud, a soft and swirling one.
Sometimes keeping busy is the best thing to do, take care, x

Johanna W sa...

They look like feminine wah-wah pedals ;)

Hope the weather isn't *too* good this week, while you're busy indoors :|

Julia da Franca sa...

i can see your clouds as well! i love it to spend very super-good-weather days inside... xx, julia

♥ w o o l f ♥ sa...

why yes, clouds come in wisps and garlands sometimes... your imagination is working, woman! ;)

Patrice A. sa...

it is!
I can see it
a cloud