söndag 10 juli 2011

drawing challenge: monster

i never was afraid of the dark, of monsters hiding in closets or under the bed. i didn't believe in monsters. now i know they are everywhere. one goes by the name cancer. they told us this week mum's liver is inoperable.

Julia is hosting the challenge this week. check her blog for more monsters.

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renilde sa...

dear Mina, i expected to see a monster over here, but not one as big as this, not one that can't be made to go away. your drawing,expressing your emotions says it all, this is a monster you can not hide from, i can only wish you strenght to deal with it, hugs.

Patrice A. sa...

this is huge
a real monster
and so hard to fight

my father had cancer
but he is alright now

wishing you love
and strength
in this battle


Julia da Franca sa...

yes, this is very huge. lets put all our monsters together, change them into something strong, helpful and friendly, all together we can beat your mum' monster for sure! ll the best, julia

Julia da Franca sa...

ps. wanted to write ALL the best! xx, julia

sandra sa...


Johanna sa...

Kramar <3

♥ w o o l f ♥ sa...

mhmmm... i'm so sorry. wishing you all strength to make sense of something senseless...
your drawing is powerful.

Rachel sa...

i'm so sorry to hear about this monster that your mother and those that love her are dealing with.

your drawing is strong, dark, intense, full of emotion.

i send you a hug.


Johanna W sa...

*Speechless* :(

A mountain of love and energy on its way to you, and a very strong hug <3

Kristen Donegan sa...

a monster hug from a stranger far away. The challenge of life; to witness and be present for those we love...you have strength and love and grace within you. So much love to you and your family.

Fru Mju sa...

THANK YOU, all of you. ♥

the prognose is not good but she's going in for chemo again soon and we're staying strong. we'll do all we can to beat this monster.

Milady Productions sa...

I am so sorry for this news. Sending you prayers of strength, courage and love.
Bless you and your family.

yllet sa...

Åh nej. Detta hade jag missat. Hoppas, hoppas hon svarar väl på behandlingen. Kramar från mig. <3