söndag 26 juni 2011

(to Ariane)

Ariane wondered about the light so I took these pics last night, every half hour starting at 22.40 (last pic taken at 01.40). it doesn't get any darker than this around midsummer in Finland. and if you look closely you can even see a rainbow at 23.10

4 kommentarer:

Ariane Reichardt sa...

Wow, thank you, lovely Maria.
That rainbow at 23.10!! Wonderful row of pics, I'm delighted.
Have you got a sleep mask?

Johanna W sa...

What Ariane said :D

Fru Mju sa...

with three boys under the age of seven you don't need a sleeping mask, i simply close my eyes and go to sleep ;)

Ariane Reichardt sa...

Hahhaha, dear Maria,
I know what you mean... as a sleeping doll: lay here down, she shut her eyes, breathing, sleeping.
Love to you,