söndag 12 juni 2011

drawing challenge: balance

i hit a rough patch on this rocky road (of everyday life) and ended up with cuts and bruises on my knees and on my soul. finding that balance isn't always easy.

Ariane is hosting the drawing challenge this week,
and a BIG and heartfelt thank you for your comments on last week's challenge.

8 kommentarer:

Julia da Franca sa...

your balance drawing is just great! and touching! julia

Johanna W sa...


Ariane Reichardt sa...

Wow, dear Maria,
great drawing, very touching - and you nailed it: balance isn't always easy.
Thank you,

♥ w o o l f ♥ sa...

the knees look almost the better for it... (i mean the colours!) ;)
the soul? i hope you find some soul wax, dear... x x

Patrice A. sa...

what a great drawing
and it illustrates
balance perfectly!
the struggle
the bruises
just great!

and you know
I think we all show
the better part of ourselves
on our weblogs
the positive things
of our everyday life
I know I do

leave the comments
and embrace the love
of the ones who care

Hagar sa...

Beautiful drawing...I hope you get well soon (look really painful...:-(

renilde sa...

Touching drawing,it shows our fragility when we are out of balance, hopefully the cuts and bruises will heal quickly, xx

Rachel sa...

what a powerful image and great use of watercolor.
very nice.