lördag 19 mars 2011

a new challenge!

this is my first contribution to the Drawing Challenge. i used to draw a lot some twenty years ago and i've often thought about taking it up again but never quite got around to it.
i was so excited when i found this challenge over at Textilspanieln and i rushed over to Woolfenbell who's hosting the theme of the week to let her know i was joining.
kicking off with a positive Self-portrait. no dark circles under my eyes. no winter paleness. no worries. just a Soft Spring breeze and the Sun on my face. tell me you do find a letter of the alphabeth in there? oh, and those aren't stars, it's snow... we still get that over here...
jag ramlade över en teckningsutmaning hos Textilspanieln och hakade på direkt.
men nu. stor sömnskuld. god morgon världen och god natt för mig... zzzzzz

12 kommentarer:

tina sa...

Vilken härlig teckning!

sandy sa...

gillar!! =)

Patrice A. sa...


the sun and spring!!
they are so welcome
love your happy drawing

Ariane Reichardt sa...

Dear Maria,
yes, there are sun, spring and stars (okay, snowflakes) during you SLEEP on your sweet pillow...you are dreaming, don't you?

Johanna W sa...

Love it! :D

A letter of the alphabet? What, other than that huge S? ;)

Hope you're catching up on sleep <3

♥ w o o l f ♥ sa...

what do you mean, those aren't twinkle, twinkle little ssssssssstarssssssss?

i'm noticing S, big time. nice introduction, so this is you?!


Heidi sa...

wow I joined up for this too wow your talented...I did't realize it was drawing...oops!
better get cracking.

Fru Mju sa...

to the participants of the challenge: thanks for your warm welcome <3 <3
and to my other friends: tack thanks <3 <3

Rachel sa...

beautiful and dreamy self portrait.

Elisabeth sa...

Hej, vad trevligt att få snubbla in här. Jag läser första sidan och inser att jag vill läsa mig bakåt i tiden också. Sen borde jag också rita ett sånt där självporträtt. Utan rynka i pannan och nuvarande kuddvirvel i bakhuvudet. Med ett 's' som i 'sol' men inte 'snö'. Hoppas vi ses igen.

Maria sa...

Vilket härligt självporträtt, fullt av harmoni!

jasmin sa...

hello ... from australia..... where i am holding on so tightly to Summer that I don't want the rest of the world to have her... i love her so. Welcome welcome to our wonderful drawing group. I have been doing it for quite a few weeks now and just love the ideas and inspiration that it brings. I am only just getting around to visiting most people now.... with blossoms for the weekend.... see you soon... jasmin x