lördag 26 mars 2011


desperately hoping it won't be long 'til we see the first signs of spring here up north. it's the end of march and we still have a lot of snow. how many more weeks before spotting the first coltsfoot? Stephanie is hosting the drawing challenge of the week: blossom and i bought myself a sketchbook! loving it!
Veckans utmaning blommar hos Stephanie. Här är fortfarande hopplöst snöigt men det är redan slutet på mars så det ska inte dröja länge innan det svänger och vi får börja spana efter årets första tussilago! ååååh. jag längtar efter att få dricka årets första kaffekopp ute på terassen.

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Patrice A. sa...

you bought a sketchbook
good for you!!

love your fine pencil drawings
that is what I love the most
a pencil on paper
but do not make time for it lately....

♥ w o o l f ♥ sa...

mighty well done on the sketchbook, i love your view from your window, i also love the ranonkels(ranuncula) in your vase.
now here's something i'm not very good at : pencil draw. your second sketch is lovely, in process and progress like that...

Ariane Reichardt sa...

Hello Maria,
Echinacea helps if you catched a cold... wonderful drawing. And the warm colored ranuncula are wonderful also.
woolen greetings,

Milady Productions sa...

What lovely drawing skills you have! Fru muj - where are you? i love seeing out of your window. wherever you are i see it is cold like me , snowing and blowing in fact!
Welcome! ranunculas are so amazing.

Johanna W sa...

Your pictures make me smile, as ever :) How wonderful to see your sketchbook and beautiful drawings (and the hand that maketh them :D).

I wish Spring a speedy arrival for you and your coffeee :) <3

Citlalli sa...

Hi and welcome to the drawing challenge! I really enjoy to stop by and see your sketch drawings, your beautiful view and the cold hand ready to keep drawing...... really nice!

♥ w o o l f ♥ sa...

sweet fru mju,
replying on your query about the illustrated books... they are 'fables de la fontaine' stories, written once upon a time by frenchman jean de la fontaine. through the years many editions of these highly moral fables were printed, the most popular ones into fairy books. illustrations vary. these i found, came truely cheap, and i will most certainly cut them up, in time.

jasmin sa...

aaah , you are in, sketchbook and all. Did you say that you hadn't drawn for 20 years? I think that you have woken up Sleeping Beauty..... these are lovely, and made lovlier by your window.... i think that I may be hosting this week... will post the word tomorrow.... sweet dreams.

Elisabeth sa...

Jag längtar också. Och faller för dina vårblommor. Den andra bilden är min favorit, jag känner för att lyfta pennan och rita den sista delen av knoppen. Sugen på att rita i blyerts igen. En krispig men ändå mjuk spets mot vitt ritpapper. Kanske jag lyckas plocka fram det till nästa lördag. I sån frid som i ditt fönster.

lyckoskatt sa...

åh. länge sedan nu. så fint som alltid.