lördag 9 april 2011


Ariane hosted the drawing challenge of the week and the word she gave us was: mirror.

it's been a crazy week with absolutely no time for drawing or painting but i took a long walk on a fine sunny spring day and went looking for puddles.

ordet för veckans drawing challenge var mirror/spegel. för mig blev det en bildkavalkad från min hemstad. äntligen kom våren med sina pölar!

9 kommentarer:

Rachel sa...

These images are incredible! I love this perspective, so often missed as people walk on their way.

sandy sa...

härliga bilder! håller med föregående talare om att vinkeln är underbar och ofta bortglömd! =)

Patrice A. sa...

just beautiful!!

they feel familiar
as if I have walked there
must be the colours and shapes
and the light of Finland
when the sun shines

Elisabeth sa...

Vilka speglar! Ser ut som om någon skrapat fram eller bort bilder i marken. Jag känner hur det luktar vår. Grus och fuktig asfalt. Första försiktiga fräknarna. Vårskorna blir lite fuktiga när de trampar i speglarna.

Johanna W sa...

Stunning, Maria! :) They're very dream-like/ethereal. I particularly love the one of the trees :D

Milady Productions sa...

I am stunned by beauty!
really nice photos you have here.
No worries about "drawing" it's really the challenge of being creative and seeing into your mirror
i like what i see!

Ariane Reichardt sa...

Your mirrors are really surreal! Like these pics a lot, thank you, dear Maria.
x Ariane.

Citlalli sa...

Your images are beautiful, a nice perspective! I enjoy so much taking some walks in my neighborhood, you never know what beauties you could find!

♥ w o o l f ♥ sa...

i positively love refelctions in puddles, they are magic!